Sail Boxes, Sail Storage, Beach Cat Hull Cradles
We build quality fiberglass sail boxes and beach cat hull cradles for cat traks and trailers
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Welcome to Sailboxes!

Protect your investment in your sails, spars and equipment, with high quality fiberglass sail boxes and beach cat hull cradles. These sail boxes are built as catamaran sail boxes, but would work anywhere you need an excellent trailer storage box. All beach cat hull cradles and sail boxes are laid up by hand in an open molds, and each beach cat hull cradle is lined with high grade marine carpet to keep your hull protected. We believe our hull cradles are built so strong, that we offer a one year warranty against breakage. Simply return the cradle and we'll replace it for free.

We build all our products with fiberglass and the finish coat is a high gloss gelcoat to withstand the elements and prevent water absorption. Our fiber glass sail boxes and hull cradles will not disfigure or deform over time compared to cheaper plastic alternatives. They are built to last and look great on your trailer!

You can look at our products and order online with a credit card or by check. 

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Please call us at (504) 289 5645 if you have 
any questions.

Our company is run by Kenny Boudreaux, an avid sailor, to create quality products for fellow sailors. When Kenny isn't laying down fiberglass, he is out on his Goodall Design F18 C2!

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